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Pink Avalanche new album out today!

posted November 18th,2014 by admin

it’s out today! LP with included download. we’d recommend that you put down whatever you’re doing and run. RUN! to your local vinyl buying location and snag one. or you can order it from us right here.

Get INTO it!



Pink Avalanche New Album and Video!

posted October 30th,2014 by admin


Pink Avalanche’s second album The Luminous Heart of Nowhere is coming soon! November 18 to be exact. LP and download.

The album, recorded and mixed by band member Che Arthur, sees the band evolving profoundly – expanding on a distinctive style their first album Wraiths only began to explore.

Here’s the first video, for the song “In Empty Spaces”.

Chicon “Sin Ti” Digital Release!

posted July 6th,2014 by admin


Here’s the second record by Austin, TX’s Chicon!  It’s out digitally today and you can buy it for $9.00 right here by clicking this here button.

Buy MP3

and here’s a track from it:

Things Have Happened

posted July 6th,2014 by admin

We’ve been quiet but not completely dormant.  It’s been a while since an update, though.

Last year we released Wraiths, the debut album by Chicago quartet Pink Avalanche, in a deluxe digital package that included a beautiful digital booklet.  Here’s the album art and the rad videos for “Corpse” and “Your Collapse” from the album.



The Living Kills “Faceless Angels” LP!

posted August 16th,2011 by admin


Don’t know if you’ve heard the rumors, but I can tell you they’re true. THE LIVING KILLS‘ debut LP, Faceless Angels, sees the street Aug 30. It’s released digitally, well, RIGHT NOW. We’re offering it here for the magical price of $6.99 for the high res MP3s (full album). Click away. Buy MP3

Additionally, if you’re a vinyl buyer, which if you’re looking at our site you probably are, I’m talking to you.

Did I mention that the colored vinyl hits the street Aug 30?! You can preorder this beautiful dude for $14.99    plus shipping. Preorder LP

Free Download: Che Arthur “Hit Ink” (Acoustic Version)

posted August 7th,2011 by admin

Che recently found this acoustic version he’d done of the song “Hit Ink” from THE CHE ARTHUR THREE‘s Like Revenge album on an unused hard drive. He’d totally forgotten about the version but we now make it available to you as a free mp3 download. Simply like us on Facebook and you get the track!

PREORDER The Strange Attractors’ “Midnight At Xochil’s” LP

posted April 28th,2011 by admin

We’re pleased to be able to offer preorders for the 180 gram vinyl version of the new STRANGE ATTRACTORS record Midnight At Xochil’s, slated to hit the streets in July 2011. Xochil’s, produced by CHE ARTHUR and engineered by Michael Landon, is the third full length for the Austin, Texas based quartet, which includes former and current members of the Riverboat Gamblers and the Ugly Beats, among others.

Those familiar with the band’s previous work will notice a slight lean away from the psych rock of their earlier recordings and a lean towards just plain old rock. Rock of the T. Rex/Slade/Sweet/Wizzard type variety. Lots of guitar. You get my drift.

As always, buy the preorder below and you’ll immediately receive the hi-res MP3 version of the album. So there.

Preorder LP

Free Track From New Strange Attractors Record

posted April 13th,2011 by admin

It’s here. The new record by THE STRANGE ATTRACTORS, Midnight At Xochil’s, is out digitally April 26. In jubilant celebration of this fact, we are laying a free track from the album on you. Click HERE.

March/April Things, SXSW

posted March 9th,2011 by admin

howdy.  few things here.  one is that tuesday is the US release for the vinyl version of the BEE CONTROL 7″!  you should probably get it quick as it’s limited and will go fast.

secondly, if you’re at SXSW next week, come to our show.  it’s wednesday night at liberty bar (1618 e. 6th street), it’s free (for those of you who won’t have wristbands/badges), and we’ll have free food and beer for your consumption.  the schedule (subject to change):

7:45 – 8:15 Eyes Lips Eyes http://www.eyeslipseyes.com/
8:30 – 9:00 Lighthouse Music http://www.lighthousemusicband.com/
9:15 – 9:45 Grandfather Child http://www.superunison.com/grandfatherchild/
10:00 – 10:30 Che Arthur http://www.chearthur.com/
10:45 – 11:15 The Beauvilles http://thebeauvilles.net/
11:30 – 12:00 The Strange Attractors http://www.myspace.com/thestrangeattractors

and lastly, we can now announce the digital release date for midnight at xochil’s, the third STRANGE ATTRACTORS record!  digital release will be april 26, 2011.  after a lineup change, xochil’s features guitarist/songwriter jeremy diaz on most of the lead vocals.  the album, produced and mixed by CHE ARTHUR,  is a bit of a departure for the band, leaning a little away from the psych territory of previous releases and a little towards a t.rex meets primal scream kind of harder rocking vibe.  we’re excited about the album and we think you will be too.  here’s the art:

buenas noches.


posted February 14th,2011 by admin

Bee Control – Now You Know (streaming audio)

Hey, so the debut 7″ from BEE CONTROL is released on digital stores such as iTunes, Amazon, etc tomorrow Feb 15, but we decided to make it available here a day early for your purchasing pleasure.

You probably know that the 3 band members are current and former members of MILEMARKER, PELICAN, JOAN OF ARC and tons more bands.  If you haven’t heard any of the music yet, you don’t know yet how totally rad these 4 songs are.  Why don’t you think about introducing yourself to them?

Available now in our store.